Many Carmel Bach Festival supporters have included us in their wills or with another type of legacy gift. Their foresight, and yours should you choose to join them, strengthens and helps ensure the future of the Festival.

We are especially grateful to you for a bequest, setting up a life income gift, or some other type of legacy gift. We’ll recognize your commitment by inviting you to join our Continuo Society. We recognize Continuo Society members in our publications, and with invitations to special events. Anonymity is always an option.

Susan and I decided to leave the Festival a bequest commitment through our estate because for us, the Festival is about relationships with people and the music.  I started as a volunteer chorus member in 1993, a few years after moving to the area.  At a chorus retreat I was invited to sing in the Chorale, our paid professional group.  I participated for five years, thoroughly enjoying the opportunity to perform baroque at such a high level.  This coincided with and informed my music degree.
My most memorable performance was under Andrew Megill’s direction singing the Brahms Requiem, which was absolutely stunning.  Equally special are the 200 people with whom I spend four precious weeks every summer, including watching the young chorus grow and flourish.
Making my legacy gift was an easy decision – it’s important that we give back, not only for youth, but for all corners of the Festival. As I celebrate my 20th year with the Carmel Bach Festival, I know I am leaving an important legacy. - John and Susan Koza

Legacy Gifts

Your legacy gift to the Festival will help us provide fresh musical contexts that spark the imagination, stimulate the mind, and enrich people's lives in multi-faceted ways. The vast majority of legacy gifts are made by bequest through a will or trust.

There are also life income gifts that provide you a steady stream of revenue, offer significant tax advantage, and ultimately benefit us.

Many types of assets, in addition to cash, can be used to make a legacy gift. We encourage you to work with your professional advisors and our staff experts to help you determine which type of legacy gift is best for you.

In addition, there are many types of legacy gifts you can easily make without incurring the services of your professional advisor.

All you need to do is fill out your provider’s paperwork for the following gifts:

IRA or pension plan, life insurance, stocks and bonds, savings / checking accounts, donor advised fund, or commercial annuity.

If you would like information about remembering Carmel Bach Festival with your legacy gift please contact

Olivia Colombo, Development Coordinator at or (831) 624-1521

Continuo Society

The Continuo Society acknowledges supporters who have made a legacy gift commitment to the Festival. Gifts of all sizes are welcome and ensure that we will sustain and celebrate the works, inspiration, and ongoing influence of J.S. Bach for future generations.

We honor Continuo Society members through:

Acknowledgment in Festival publications (unless you prefer to be anonymous)

Invitations to special events


If you have already made your legacy gift or are considering making a legacy gift, please let us know.

Contact Olivia Colombo, Development Coordinator at or (831) 624-1521

THANK YOU to these Continuo Society members who are leaving a legacy gift to Carmel Bach Festival:

Peter Albano

Lucerne Beal

Jean L. Brenner

Bruce & Mary Jo Byson

Ms. Judith Colburn

Suzanne Dorrance

Susan W. DuCoeur

Kent & Lyn Evans

Sandra and Richard Grimmer

Mr. & Mrs, Wayne Huber

Charles Grauling* & Nancy Jones

Jospeh Marino, JR.

Drs. Knox & Carlotta Mellon

Mrs. Robert H. Morris

David & Julie Nee

Drs. John & June Phillips

Michael and Pamela Sanders

Charles Schimmel

Howard & Joan Sitton

Gloria Souza

Jeptha & Elizabeth Wade*

Reverend* Mark & Jackie Wendland

Ms. Bonnie Woodworth

Mr. & Mrs. Donald Wunsch



*deceased as of August 2018

Linda E. Anderson

Dorothy L. Becker

Susie & Stan Brusa

Stephen K. Cassidy

Mary Kay Crockett

Mrs. Robert Doyle

John Ehrman*

Karen Faircloth

Mr. & Mrs. John Gurley

Ms. Carol R. Johnson

William & Mary Langenberg

P. De St. J Macbeth*

Sharon & Stan Meresman

Robert I. Mulford

Dr. Beatrice Nold

Shirley & Lee Rosen

Richard Sherrill

Donald* & Victoria Slichter

Ms. Natalie A. Stewart

Marilyn & Bill Timoney

Mrs. Dorothy H. Wheeler

Emily & Paul* Woudenberg

Cyril & Jeanne Yansouni

Gail & James Andrews

Arthur H. Brendenbeck*

John W. and Jane F. Buffington

Dr. Gilbert Cleasby

Beverly Dekker-Davidson & Lawrence Davidson

Stan & Gail Dryden

Stephen Eimer & Kevin Cartwright

Mr. & Mrs. John Garvey

Don & Carol Hilburn

William H. Johnston. M.D.

Lucinda Lloyd

Barbara McMahon

Natalie Miller

Leslie Mulford

Betsey & Stephen Pearson

Tim & Jane Sanders

Michael* & Eleanor Silbergh

Pamela D. Smith*

Betsy & Robert Sullivan

Mr. & Mrs. Joe Wandke

Edie & Lamont Wiltsee

Mrs. Wesley Wright

Linda Zinn