Tower Music is a free community event, open to the public.

Performance Schedule

  • Saturdays - 6:50 on the Sunset Upper Terrace
  • Tuesdays - 6:50 on the Sunset Upper Terrace
  • Wednesdays - 7:50 at the Carmel Mission Basilica
  • Fridays - 6:50 on the Sunset Upper Terrace

Tower Music is an old and cherished tradition at the Bach Festival that began in 1936 with the Heralding Trombones, led by Monterey grocer Chandler Stewart and three of his sons. In addition to playing from the balcony window of the Sunset Auditorium, they also played from the bell tower at the Carmel Mission, thus earning the name, “Tower Music.” Performing and “sounding the alarm” from towers and balconies is a centuries-old tradition, dating to the Middle Ages, utilizing ancient trumpets, trombones, horns, drums. The Stewart family continued to perform Tower Music well into the 60s with the next generation of Stewart offspring until the brass section of the orchestra was asked to carry on the tradition in the 1970s, as it does today.

-Suzanne Mudge, Tower Music Director

Tower Music Personnel:
Leonard Ott, Dominic Favia, and Greg Smith, Trumpets
Alex Camphouse, French horn
Bruce Chrisp, Alto & Tenor Trombone, Tenor Sackbut
Suzanne Mudge, Tenor Trombone, Tenor Sackbut
Wayne Solomon, Bass Trombone, Bass Sackbut
Kevin Neuhoff, Percussion

Saturdays – All England

  • Arthur Bliss - Fanfare “The Right of the Line”
  • Gordon Jacob - Music For a Festival – Interludes 7tet + perc 1951: Intrada, Round, Sarabande, Madrigal
  • Benjamin Britten - Four Courtly Dances from Gloriana: March, Pavane, Morris Dance, March

Tuesday – Love and War

  • Ian McDougall -  Bells
  • Arr. Raymond Mase - Fancies on Italian Madrigals
  • Claudio Monteverdi - La Tral
  • Luca Marenzio - A mi tirsi
  • Orazio Vecchi - Clorinda
  • Samuel Scheidt - Battle Suite: Galliard Battaglia, Courant Dolorosa, Canzon Bergamasque

Wednesday – Under the Influence

  • Claudio Merulo - Canzona 5
  • Gioseffi Guami - Canzona 3
  • Giovanni Cavaccio - Canzona La Foresta
  • Ottavio Bargagni - Canzona La Monteverde
  • Giovanni Gabrieli - Canzona 4
  • Costanzo Antegnati - Canzon 9

Friday – Bliss-ful Brass

  • Sir Arthur Bliss - Fanfare
  • Giovanni Gabrieli - Canzon II
  • Peter Warlock (arr. Suzanne Mudge) - Capriol Suite: Basse-Danse, Pavane, Bransles, Mattachins