Art of Music Raffle

Entering its 12th year in 2020, the Art of Music Raffle is a cherished Festival tradition.

The raffle features 130 works of art inspired by the natural beauty of Carmel and the Bach Festival experience. The artists, most of whom work and live on the Monterey Peninsula, donate each piece.


Place: Marjorie Evans Gallery at the Sunset Center

Dates: July 18 - August 1, 2020

Hours: Monday—Friday, 9:00 – 5:00 p.m., as well as before, during intermission, and after Festival events held at the Sunset Center.

Cost: $10 per ticket, or 7 for $40


To enter the raffle, drop your filled out raffle tickets in the box under the artwork you would like to win. Winning tickets will be drawn the week of August 3, and winners are contacted by phone.

Winners can pick up artwork at the Bach Festival Office, or pieces can be mailed.  If you need to have your artwork mailed, you will be asked to arrange for payment or shipping costs by credit card. A fee of $15 covers shipping and handling.

2019 Art Raffle

Art of Music Raffle Committee:  Gail Dryden, Susan DuCouer, Diane Cailliet, Mary Hill, Alex Mills, Kay Morris and Suzanne Schmidt

Angelica Aceves
Ronald F. Adams
Wendy Angel
Eleen Auvil
Willa Aylaian
Kimm Barnes
Mary FitzGerald Beach
Lise Beaudette
Darlene Berry
Carole Bestor
Beverly Borgman
Jean Brenner
Fred Brown
Will Bullas
Wynn Bullock
Diane Cailliet
Richard Cannon
Pamela Carroll
Melanie Cervi
Mahlon Coleman
Mary Conway
Carol Cowen
Christine Crozier
Sheila Delimont
Dixie M. Dixon
Miguel Dominguez

Gael Donovan
Suzanne Dorrance
Sharron Douglas
Anne Downs
Stan Dryden
Susan DuCoeur
Cornelia Emery
Jesus Estrella
Mark Farina
Barbara Lee Furbush
Susan Giacometti
Carol Gray
Kathryn Greenwald
Diane Grindol
Jacquelyn Haag
Charlotte Hallam
Kari Hargrove
Carol Harrison
Thomas Hawley
Mary Hill
Peter Hiller
Peggy Hutton
Heidi Hybl
Sunee Jines
Sibyl Johnson
Sam Johnston

Sandra Jordan
Cheryl Kampe
Anita Kaplan
Alan Kemp
Mary Kay King
Evelyn Klein
Kyoko Kojima
Pam Landram
Myles Lee
Gail Lehman
Laura E. Levin
David Ligare
Stephan Ligas
Laura Lockett
Linda Logan
Shirley Loomis
Fran Lozano
Susan Manchester
Linda Marcellini
Mary C. Masten
Edi Matsumoto
Ellen McGrath
Alicia Meheen
Susan R. Mendelsohn
Pamela Mielke
Martha Morrill

Doug Mueller
Meredith Mullins
Jean Murphy
Robert Nielsen
Dianne Nielson
Arlene Nolan
Barbara Norton
Christine Olson
Gerald Park
Diana Y. Paul
Celie Placzek
Lauren Pond
Joe Ragey
Susan Reith
Martha Renault
Ron Rice
Marybeth Rinehart
Stan Robbins
Ben Roberts
Mary Roberts
Sandy Robinson
Deborah Russell
Kathleen Ryan
Christopher Sawyer
Robin Sawyer
Zoya Scholis

David Seibert
Ann Seifert
Barbara Serbent
Jim Serbent
Kathy Sharpe
Barbara Svetlik
Jerry Takigawa
Pamela Takigawa
Athena Taylor
Gretchen Taylor
N. J. Taylor
Richard Tette
Illia Thompson
Bonnie Tucker
Sally Tuttle
Sandra Uecker
Herman Van Gansen
Catherine von Schwind
Jan Wagstaff
Susan Wirshup
Reid Woodward
Vern Yadon
Paul Youngman
Helma Zeuge
Terrence Zito
Patricia E. Zobel