New Chair of the Musician Hospitality Committee​

Susan Bjerre will begin her role as Chair of the Musician Hospitality Committee when the Festival reopens. This committee of dedicated volunteers helps feed our musicians, stage crew, and administrative staff during the performance season in July. Susan’s job begins in April when she and a small group of volunteers obtain commitments from local restaurants and food service organizations to provide meals.

There are many volunteer opportunities with this committee, from picking up meals at local restaurant, to plating food, and keeping the Green Room looking inviting after meals. It is a great time to meet our world-renowned musicians and stage crew and to get to know them. You learn their life stories, meet their families, gain insight on how they prepare for performances, and hear their favorite things about being in Carmel.

Susan apprenticed under retired-Chair Gloria Souza in 2019. Gloria, who will continue to volunteer for Musicians Hospitality, shared, “I’ve had the pleasure of having Susan on the Musician Hospitality Committee for more than three years. Even as a new volunteer, Susan emerged as a jewel in our group. She also brings top level computer skills to the job.”

Featured Hospitality Partner

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