The Frozen North – Folk and Baroque from Scandinavia

July 18, 2019 @ 7:30 pm – 9:30 pm
Sunset Center Theater

Edwin Huizinga, violin and William Coulter, guitar, known as Fire & Grace, return after sold-out concerts in 2017 and 2018. The duo is joined by reknown Swedish nyckelharpa virtuoso Olov Johansson, foremost performer on the traditional Swedish instrument called the NyckelHarpa.

Johan Helmich Roman, Violin Concerto in D minor (Edwin Huizinga, violin)
Danish String Quartet, String Quartet Medley
Eric Sahlström, Stormyren (Olov Johansson, nyckelharpa)
Olov Johansson, IPA
Roger Talroth, Tanya’s Tune (Fire & Grace)
J.S. Bach, Double Violin Concerto – movement 2 – “Jag unnar dig ändå allt gott”
Additional selections

This nyckelharpa is a keyed fiddle, and produces a hauntingly beautiful sound, evocative of the Scandinavian countries.
This unique program will include traditional and contemporary Scandinavian folk music and songs, including arrangements of traditional Swedish dance tunes called the “polska,” and contemporary compositions from the Swedish supergroup Väsen. The Baroque side of Scandinavian music will be represented by a performance of Johan Helmich Roman’s Violin Concerto in D minor. Roman is known as the “Handel of Swedish Music.” The concert will also feature “Bach dances the Polska,” a blending of Baroque and Swedish dance tunes.

Edwin Huizinga, Johanna Novom, and Adriane Post, violin; Sarah Darling, viola; Paul Dwyer, cello; Jordan Frazier, bass; William Coulter, guitar; Dongsok Shin, harpsichord