Bach and the Lute – Week 2

July 27, 2020 @ 1:00 pm – 2:00 pm
Sunset Center Theater Foyer
San Carlos St & 9th Ave
CA 93921

Daniel Swenberg, lute, Edwin Huizinga, violin; Dongsok Shin, lautenwerk

Lute: Anniversaries:
Johann David Heinichen, Is vorrei saper d’amore (Flavio Crispo 1720)
J.S. Bach, Prelude for Lute
Bernard Joachim Hagen, Duet in C Minor

Looting: the South Sea Stock Bubble
Jacques de Saint-Luc, Allemande: The Proclamation Of Charles King Of Spain, the Capture Of Lille
John Playford, The French King’s Mistake
Thomas D’Urfey, Now Cannon—Smoke Clouds all the Sky
Jacques de Saint-Luc, The Capture Of Count Tallard/Plainte du Comte de Tallard
Jacques de Saint-Luc, The Taking of Barcelona, The Marlborough
Richard Leveridge, A Scotch Song : Welcome from Vigo

The Economic Consequences of the Peace:
Anonymous, Over, over, Hannover over

Stock Bubbles- High Change in ‘Change Alley:
Thomas D’Urfey, The Hubble Bubble
John Playford, Change Alley
Anonymous, The Stocks : High Change in ‘ Change Alley
Anne Finch, Stock Jobbing Ladies

Too Big to Fail: The South Sea Company
Anonymous, In London stands a famous Pile
For our long biding here