Wednesdays, October 27 & November 3, 7:30 PM
Sunset Center Theater

Chorale conducted by Andrew Megill

Interspersed with readings from “The Art of Courtly Love” by Andreas Cappelanus

Girault de Bornelh, La blanche neige
Roland de Lassus, Bonjour, mon cœur
Pierre Certon, La, la, la je ne l’ose dire
Roland de Lassus, La nuit froide et sombre
Guillaume Dufay, Mon coeur me fait dit penser
Gabriel Faure, Cantique de Jean Racine
Guillaume Dufay, Adieu ce bon vin de Lannoys
Claude Debussy, Trois chansons de Charles d’Orleans
Gilles de Binchois, Ay douloureux (exc)
Maurice Ravel, Trois chansons
Paul Hindemith, Six Chansons
Henk Badings, Trois chansons Bretonnes
Edith Piaf, La vie en rose

Associate Conductor Andrew Megill and the Festival Chorale are known for innovative and inspiring programs. The 2021 Festival is your opportunity to share this moving experience in the comfort of the Sunset Theater when we bring a celebration of French romantic music to Carmel.

The concert is framed by words from the 12th century, when the concept of Courtly Love was developed. This elaborate and highly stylized tradition was catalogued in Andreas Capellanus’ treatise “The Art of Courtly Love” and echoed in the first work of the program, “Reis glorios ” (Glorious Kings) by the Provencal troubadour Giraut de Bornelh.

“Throughout the evening, we’ll experience different views of love, from bawdy Renaissance chansons to some of the most sublime works in the choral repertoire, the chansons of Claude Debussy and Maurice Ravel,” said Associate Conductor and Conductor of the Chorale Andrew Megill.

Paul Hindemith’s settings of elegant miniatures by Rainer Maria Rilke (both composer and poet assuming a convincing French accent), a work celebrating the fire of sacred love by Gabriel Fauré, and a final offering of an Edith Piaf song round out the program.

The program is bound together by short readings of some of the rules for the “art of loving” as found in Capellanus’ treatise, which is by turns charming, amusing, and moving.

The repertoire also shines the spotlight on the outstanding musicianship of the Chorale musicians – many will be featured in solo roles.

Andrew Megill is the artistic director of Fuma Sacra and serves as chorusmaster for the Montreal Symphony Orchestra. He is also music director of Masterwork Chorus and professor and director of choral activities at the University of Illinois. He is in his 14th season as associate conductor of the Carmel Bach Festival and director of the chorale and chorus.